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June 6, 2017
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Our Founder

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“I believe as a breast cancer survivor I have a responsibility to be of service to those in a crisis of cancer” – Veronica Glover

SisterHermana, meaning Sister to Sister (Hermana Spanish for sister) was initially created by founder Veronica Glover as a support service for fellow breast cancer survivors. However, after her husband Horace, succumb to stage four colon cancer within five months of being diagnosed at the age of 49, she decided to modify her concept.

Like so many others, Horace lost his life to a curable form of cancer had it been detected early.  She made a personal commitment to the memory of her husband to somehow learn and educate others about all curable if detected early forms of cancers.

Furthermore, she would use her experience as a caregiver and patient to support the cancer community by delivering services beneficial to the daily life of someone in treatment.

Veronica and husband