Family Support

W hen we are diagnosed with cancer EVERYTHING changes. In addition to worrying about our own mortality we are overwhelmed by the thought of creating a sense of normalcy for our children, spouses, and significant others. No matter what, time stops for no one, and life goes on in the midst of treatment and the healing process. The bills still have to be paid, kids still have to get to school, and choosing a fun and affordable summer camp becomes even more critical.

The SisterHermana Foundation, recognizes there is no one size fits all strategy in caring for those being treated for cancer. Cancer is not contagious, but it grips the lives of every person in the household. SisterHermana exists to provide relief. We serve our clients by empowering to tell us their individual needs. Because we focus on the personal side of cancer care, these needs include everything from living expenses such as food, gas, and utilities to high school graduation fees, prom essentials, holiday gifts and minor home repair.

With the assistances of the community and corporate collaborations whom we refer to as ICare 365 Partners, we deliver a system of care specifically tailored to meet their request and reduce emotional and financial stress.

CaringThe journey on the road to recovery is extensive and expensive. Even with health insurance most are not prepared for the out of pocket expenses of copayments and prescriptions cost. Can you imagine the financial burden of cancer on a household whose budget is already at its maximum; or lives at or below the poverty level?

An everyday activity we take for granted is taxing for someone with cancer. Actions as simple as donating a meal to a family gives rest to a mom suffering from side effects of chemotherapy. An oil change can be the difference in a grandfather traveling to treatments. A haircut or fresh ponytails prevents a child from going to school feeling self-conscience about his/her appearance.

By becoming an I Care 365 Partner your acts of generosity and act of kindness can play a major role in reducing financial and emotional stress for someone fighting for their lives.
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