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July 3, 2017
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Words of Encouragement

Hebrew 13:5
For He hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.
R.C. Johnson
Omaha Nebraska


Zebra mother and colt
Just as a zebra cannot forget that it wears strips, or a mother forget her child, God does not forget his precious children in the mist of their pain, sorrow or confusion. Nor was He taken by surprise by our plights of sickness, bereavement or extreme discomfort. When a mother has to take her infant to the doctor to get shots, she knows the pain she is subjecting her child to; she knows the baby will scream when the skin is punctured; she knows her long arms that passes her child to the doctor will be followed by the small arms of her child reaching for her shortly before and after the shot. Yet the mother resist the temptation to grab the child because the pain of the shot has a purpose. The child has no Idea what the purpose is but the mother knows. And because the purpose is for the good of the child she allows the pain to take place in her presence without interruption. God is present in your pain, silent in our suffering and sustains us in our confusion. Trust Him this morning and throughout the day your coming joy may be delayed but it will not be denied.